Getting along

Gladiator is coming along, having minor troubles with the actual program and my computer. For some strange reason its not letting me add an image onto another plane so I can start modelling the hands, as separate objects. Its taken me longer than I thought to model the head and facial features, my idea of time management is completely wrong and I hate myself for it.
Looking forward to life drawing again (as I always do), but its a bit weird as we are going to be learning portraits. I have never done portraits before but even as I try to draw faces I just can't, they always turn out like some sort of growth instead of an actual human being. The life drawing lesson this week was one of the most enjoyable lessons I had so far. Using chalk pastels and other media's we had, I had water soluble drawing pencils. A few of my sketches came out really well. I've noticed that my understanding of the human anatomy has improved greatly since Christmas. Its great looking back over work and comparing the differences between them all.

 I'm glad I chose blue, for some reason I work well in blue, even though it gives the model a cold look and feel. Trying to understand fore-shortening was very difficult when I first attempted it. Looking at the model and seeing it looked perfectly fine, but putting it down on paper, its like 'what the hell?' But as I've been told it all gets easier over time and practise. The two worst things in the world.
Amongst other things, uni seems to be more relaxed and calm at the moment, yes the work is still there and piling up quickly but everyone seems easygoing and not so stressed, its a very good vibe to be feeling. Although friends have been getting letters from uni about game production, like a warning or something. I haven't got one yet and hopefully I wont but seriously its scary thinking that we have about 6-7weeks left until Easter and that means our final assessments. Its gone so fast and TOO fast in some cases. Wow I'm not a noob anymore and proud, even though alot of the time some of the time I do feel like I'm lacking, like things don't quite add up and there you are sitting in class and everyone around you seems to understand but you.

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