Seeing things differently

I have recently started playing World of Warcraft again (yeah yeah I know, but I like wow, different people like different games). But anyways, as I was standing there in the game, I started to analyse my surroundings. Noticing how to create elements on 3DS max and also realising that the textures are all tillable textures. Game production has ruined my experience of games. I'm constantly picking things out and seeing faults such as the texture seems and how things don't match up.
I guess it shows i'm learning without realising and i'm happy about that, but one of my favourite games and im criticising it, it is kinda amusing though.
I've also noticed that within WoW there isn't any specular or bump maps within the environment. But there are noticeable specular maps on characters, such as; Armour, weapons, equipment and also companions such as elemental's. 

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