Who follows 'Rules'?

Take into consideration through the rules of my own...

-Reference; use what ever you can get your hands on. We have the beauty of the internet but primary sources are the best. Take pictures!

-Thumbnails; draw anything and everything, even if you don't have any paper on you, use that tissue or a receipt that's in your pocket. Quick sketches, it doesn't have to be a master piece, just a few lines to get the main frame and idea down. Fiddle around with the rest later.

-See with your senses; Make it believable, think about how something feels, smells, looks like. Try to capture all that is there. Yeah I find this hard but sometimes it gives you more than what you are just looking for.

-Over do it, you know you want to. Explore and express yourself, give something of you into what you are creating. Don't be scared, you are the controller, imagination is meant to be well imaginative.

-Mood; Create the mood of the area, make sure that the audience knows what you are trying to achieve.

-Atmosphere; I guess that comes under the same point as the mood. Make sure it is visible and understanding.

-Story telling; You are there to tell a story, to show the story through visual evidence. Setting the scene, helping the audience to understand.

-Colour; colour themes, different colours and lighting have different effects of things. Colours help to set the moods, lighting helps to show the genre. Darkness for unsafe and scary things, light for happiness and rainbows and bunny rabbits.

-Believable; why is reality, reality? Anything can be believable. You have to show and make it so. Express and create what isn't real. It is believable if you make it so. It doesn't have to be understood.

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