Within Game production we are given a new brief in which to to complete in 4 weeks, well that's what seems to be happening on the last 3 projects.
So i've just handed in my latest project; A Ford Transit Van... Yes slightly boring. Why did it have to be a Ford transit, supposable the most common van around, but when you actually need to find one its like playing hide and seek. Its the sort of traditional white van man that would cut you up on the road and you would end up being a grumpy mug the rest of the journey because of that one stupid... But anyway, it was pretty annoying walking around the streets trying to find one. Let alone finding one, I had to be able to take pictures of all angles to make it easier for further reference. Luckily the university has a fair few of these vans all over the campus.
Looking very suspicious I was there taking pictures of this van and of course a security guard comes over and starts yelling and asking what I was doing. Surly being a university you would expect students to be doing interesting things like this, its not as if I was going to give the van a ticket.
Completing the van felt like a weight off my shoulders, even if I do feel it wasn't the best and I could have done so much more and better. (self note, start doing projects when they are given to me)
Im noticing that im doing things within that  horrid program 3DS max, on my own, without thinking and just doing. I am becoming more confident and relaxed with it, ok maybe not so much relaxed, it makes me have a fit if something tiny goes wrong.
But having learnt the basics and how verts and polys and edges work, its alot easier to model and to enjoy the class.

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