I Love trees!

So it has come to my attention that I love trees, well not just trees but natural forms. They just look so damn cool. All the grooves and marks and interesting shading. With all of those put together it makes a really interesting texture. It is something that I find fascinating.

These are some sketches that I did at Bradgate Park, I really enjoyed using a fine liner. My cross hatching skills have actually gotten alot better and I am now so comfortable and confident with just using it straight onto paper. (As before I used to sketch in pencil and then use pen over the top)
I want to be able to do this within a landscape. Landscape scare the hell out of me, everything just looks wrong when I attempt one. But these have in a way given me a slight ego boost, they look good!
Maybe this is something to think about for a career...such as environments.

I have had this sudden passion for HGV, lorries. As I drive on the motor-way regularly, well everyday. I seem to get stuck behind a damn lorry and being so close to them it has made me look at them more, (yes I do still concentrate on driving) They are so damn cool! They are big and hefty in order to pull the heavy loads. They are just way cooler than these puny little cars that we all drive. It has made me think of a self directed project for myself over the Christmas holidays.
It would be perfect for me to continue with 3ds max over the holiday period as I didn't do anything last year and I want to keep busy and on top of things. Maybe just creating a Lorry front and a driver. It is weird how the lorry and the driver have a sort of similar style, they look the same in an odd way.

OW that wall is hard!

I've bloody hit that wall face on and I need help, maybe a hammer and chisel. (Please?) I have heard about this, about how there is this imaginary wall that people just can't get past. I really didn't think it would happen but it has. It is worse because I feel like I have lost my passion and creativity for the course, I WANT IT BACK! I think it is because I am behind in my work on practically anything. I wish I could just have a week off from uni and hibernate at my house and become a hermit and finish off all the unfinished work I have.
How do you get out of this?
I want a mind like a child again and be carefree! Everything is so much simpler that way, creation is simpler. I mean, if you drew a 6 legged horse with a whales tail and your brothers head, your mum would just say 'wow honey that's amazing' and stick it on the fridge. See it's just simple. Now I have limits and rules and briefs. My teacher says that your brief is your friend, but my brain is pushing me outside the box. * I am not a third year, I am not aloud this freedom of creativity yet!
Deadlines, deadlines, DEADLINES! It is just another brick to that wall, well about 3 layers of bricks. Deadline. The word itself sounds to be broken, damn my lazy and unproductive mind!!

This week's stuff... Composition (Task 15)

So this weeks lecture was about composition; What is composition? Well it is basically putting things together, a formation or construction. Just arranging chaotic elements into a pleasing and meaningful asset.
Composition is all to do with; line, shape, colour, texture, form, value and space.

Here is some of my own photography work, which is probably one of the few pieces of work I am actually proud of. Well I just love these. 

So I took these with a film camera. I miss taking proper photographs and having to develop the negatives and the photographs yourself. It is so much better than digital. You learn to understand photography and how everything is put together. The first image is just a simple black and white print. The black and white makes the atmosphere of the image seem more creepy. The sepia tone images is the same but it has a different atmosphere. I like how just one simple adjustment to the same picture can just change the viewers thought.

The somewhat idea of feedback and assessment has kinda been cleared up in my mind after mikes urm interesting presentation. In a way mike said; if you do everything that is asked then you pass but if you do more you will gain ninja-ness! It is all about becoming the ninja.