Life drawing...

Falling in love with life drawing, thins week we used simple black drawing ink. This was fun because if you went wrong you couldn't rub out the marks. I've never used ink before and it was nice to be able to use something new for a change. Receiving a compliment from Jack was funny because he thought I had used the media alot before, until I told him I hadn't, I must be doing something right then.

I produced a fair few sketches throughout the class, but I seemed to have picked up this style. I'm not happy about it, it reminds me of some sort of fashion sketches, they are too neat and tidy, i hate being so OCD about sketches and drawings. I want to print these out and work into them some more with traditional media's such as oil pastels and water colours. (how i've missed those)
The week before in class we also did something new. Unfortunately it was charcoal and it gets everywhere, especially to my horror we had to cover and entire A2 sheet of paper in it. *cringe* it was everywhere. Once away from the mess and looking and a grey page we had to use a rubber to sketch in the highlights of the body and charcoal for the darker tones. It was interesting as the grey of the page was the mid-tone and the highlights and shadows of the charcoal and rubber.
I am actually very proud of these, I need to work alot faster within the time limit. 15minutes for each sketch.

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