New start, in some sort of way...

So... Yeah well that is the sort of thing that is running through my mind right about now. Start of a new year tomorrow, 2nd year of university. In alot of ways I am great full. I have been kinda going a little insane over the silly amount of time we have all had off, but the thought of going back into a routine is I guess, reassuring (is that even the right word?), yeah it sound's like I'm a little OCD but it's comforting. Getting up in the morning and knowing you have stuff to do during the day, stuff that makes you think and pushes you. Well that's what I'm hoping for this year, I really want to push myself alot this year. As of last year, well I can be honest and say I really didn't try and knowing that has made me stupidly stressed.At the beginning of the summer I had a feeling, like a panic or feeling like a small child being scared by a monster feeling. It just really wasn't very nice.

But this year, IS going to be a good year. Everything is looking up and I can see it staying that way for a long time. Ha sounds really lame but I'm looking at this new wall with a positive attitude and that isn't going to change.

During the summer I have been drawing, just drawing and scribbling anything and everything I can see. I also managed to keep my camera on me a fair deal of the time and have taken some interesting pictures. Especially on my holiday in Portugal. Everywhere you looked there were broken and damaged buildings. Yes it was a holiday but every-time I looked at things my mind was split between thinking about how good that thing could be a texture or telling me to relax and deal with that after. But no, everything is starting to be looked at differently. It is pretty cool that my mind is doing this on it's own but it is really getting annoying, yes I suppose in a good way.

First day back and I am hoping it will be good, hopefully get set work and just get straight into it. I can't really believe how excited I am about it, but maybe that's my nervous conscience thinking that I should of done even more work over the summer and I have been lazy, but who is to blame but myself. Nothing I can do about it now but to just think about everything I will and hopefully push myself to do with the upcoming year.