A swear word could go here...

Hunting for lost files on your computer is an absolute nightmare, it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack, and with my organisation (which there isn't any), it is practically impossible. After going through 3 usb sticks over the time of just 2 semesters, I'm starting to think computers do not like me.
At this very moment, looking through my nice and neat folders of work, ready to be put on CD, I keep thinking I could have done so much more. Either I have done very little or I am very picky with what I want to do. I really should just do what I first think and told instead of leaving everything to the last minute and having a minor break-down and screaming at my cranky computer.

Looking back over this first year of Uni...It is nothing to what people say it is. Just before I started uni my parents told me its one of the best parts of life and it is so much fun blah blah blah, but in reality it is hard work and you end up with no life because of all the deadlines you have. OK it might be because this course is very over whelming and there IS alot of work. But I have fell in love with the course. At first it was like 'what the hell am I doing here?' and you think that everyone around knows exactly what they are doing, but after settling down and making friends, everyone had the near enough the exact same feeling. I have learnt so much through the short time that has been my first year. (It has gone too fast) I have learnt alot more than I have actually realised; Learning 3ds max from scratch and holding onto the basics, being aware with what a graphics tablet is and how easy they are to actually use and learning through my own time how to work around Photoshop.
3ds max is a completely new world to me and I am grateful that it has been shown to me. Yeah it's bloody scary but once you start to wrestle with it and tell who is boss, it starts to come together. It still gets me completely mind-boggled and wound up into a hissy fit when something doesn't seem to work that did work 3 minutes ago, but that's the program. Someone said it was made by a programmer, and that they will never use it so they didn't think about the people who would have to use it.
The enjoyment of drawing is something that I can just relax into, but when it's sat outside in the freezing cold or rain and with a drippy nose running down onto your work, is just cruel. (thanks Chris) I have done so much life drawing and I think this is one of my favourite parts to the course. Learning One-point and two-point perspective made my brain a little confused as you start to see imaginary lines that you hadn't noticed before. But it all helps in the end as everything lines up with each other to create the final picture.
I want to carry on. I am looking forward to the start of next year, where after, I confess a very lazy start of the first year, through the second year I can prove to myself that I have the motivation, talent and organisation  to create amazing and creative work. (That sounds so big headed, sorry)


Quite frankly I need to set myself some targets for the up coming year. (hopefully I am in the 2nd year, just a bit of panic there.) It's never too late to set yourself anything even if it is mid April. I Didn't realise how lazy I actually am and also very unorganised. Yes I am picking faults with myself, so targets are needed;

  • Laziness; It's not an option. Keep busy and push through things, add the extra piece of work. Not because it will maybe get you that little bit of an extra mark but because you WANT too. You are working towards something you really want to do and are passionate about...So pull your socks up!
  • Time Management; Well that is something that no one is good at. Do the work when it is set, not the day before, it stresses me out beyond what a stress ball can handle. It's really not worth it and your work just seems crap when it is rushed and not thought about.
  • Enjoy; Enjoy the work you are set, it's meant to be fun! It's something you enjoy but when it is something that you should be doing it does feel abit tedious, but make it enjoyable and think outside the box. There are no right and wrong answers...are there?