This week's stuff... Composition (Task 15)

So this weeks lecture was about composition; What is composition? Well it is basically putting things together, a formation or construction. Just arranging chaotic elements into a pleasing and meaningful asset.
Composition is all to do with; line, shape, colour, texture, form, value and space.

Here is some of my own photography work, which is probably one of the few pieces of work I am actually proud of. Well I just love these. 

So I took these with a film camera. I miss taking proper photographs and having to develop the negatives and the photographs yourself. It is so much better than digital. You learn to understand photography and how everything is put together. The first image is just a simple black and white print. The black and white makes the atmosphere of the image seem more creepy. The sepia tone images is the same but it has a different atmosphere. I like how just one simple adjustment to the same picture can just change the viewers thought.

The somewhat idea of feedback and assessment has kinda been cleared up in my mind after mikes urm interesting presentation. In a way mike said; if you do everything that is asked then you pass but if you do more you will gain ninja-ness! It is all about becoming the ninja. 

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