OW that wall is hard!

I've bloody hit that wall face on and I need help, maybe a hammer and chisel. (Please?) I have heard about this, about how there is this imaginary wall that people just can't get past. I really didn't think it would happen but it has. It is worse because I feel like I have lost my passion and creativity for the course, I WANT IT BACK! I think it is because I am behind in my work on practically anything. I wish I could just have a week off from uni and hibernate at my house and become a hermit and finish off all the unfinished work I have.
How do you get out of this?
I want a mind like a child again and be carefree! Everything is so much simpler that way, creation is simpler. I mean, if you drew a 6 legged horse with a whales tail and your brothers head, your mum would just say 'wow honey that's amazing' and stick it on the fridge. See it's just simple. Now I have limits and rules and briefs. My teacher says that your brief is your friend, but my brain is pushing me outside the box. * I am not a third year, I am not aloud this freedom of creativity yet!
Deadlines, deadlines, DEADLINES! It is just another brick to that wall, well about 3 layers of bricks. Deadline. The word itself sounds to be broken, damn my lazy and unproductive mind!!

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