Watch this!!

Ok so over the summer I watched a fair few films, but the film that I found full on amazing was this;

This film to me was amazing. Just because a film is in another language does not me you should just walk on by and find the latest comedy or what ever film you like. Go on and pick it up! Try something new!

For me this just made me purely believe in trolls. The entire film is a documentary like Cloverfield, but it has humour and reality. Like it really was a group of kids with their camera stalking some old man who believed in trolls. The whole aspect of the film is just brilliant, it for me, brings back that child-like element of fairy tales and believing in fictional creatures.
Starting to remember back on films I have watched, which is alot. I have realised I actually love films with subtitles. I mean they are different and they just seem a hell of alot better than english/american films. But this film is probably my favourite subtitled films.

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