Personal gaming history

One of the most earliest and memorable game that come to my mind straight away would be Gods created by The Bitmap Brothers, and playing it on my Grandpa's Amiga. Gods was a simple jump and run platform game, but it seemed so much more than that. The player is the character Hercules and they fight their way through 4 levels. At the end of each level there was a boss that you had to defeat, the fun behind trying to defeat the bosses was that they started to learn what abilities you had such as bouncing axes to fireballs, which you had earlier attained during the game.
Using a Joystick to maneuver Hercules was quite difficult, you had to jump at the right time and shoot at oncoming enemies. The music for this makes me instantly remember, spending all the time I was at my Grandparents playing this or another memorable game. The other game most memorable to me was Discworld, from the Terry Pratchett series;

A point and click adventure game as the not so magical Rincewind the wizard (voiced by Eric Idle). The game itself is so brightly colourful and well created in my mind. The characters are amazing and you can instantly tell they are from the eyes of Terry Pratchett; from the stupidity of Rincewind to the vulgar language from Death (who is my favourite character). Even though I was about 8 or 9 years old, my Grandpa still insisted I played along with the characters and followed the story and helped to discover the problems amongst the Unseen University and why there was a huge red dragon sitting on top of the Palace, which no one seemed to notice.

There are so many games! Age of Empires released in 1997 is a strategy based game. Choosing from a variety of civilisations and building up through the Stone age to the Iron age. There were two more expansions  to this game which made the game more varied, by adding new and different civilisations and being able to play online. The Age of Empires series has always been something that has been on my desktop. Age of Empires 2 is my favourite out of the series of the three main games. Even though the graphics are not amazing, its something that I am used to. Even now I set up multi-player games across 4 computers in my house with my brothers, its so much fun; Building and creating your empire and then creating an army and taking out the opponent.

Diablo and Diablo 2 created by Blizzard was something I spent hours just sitting and watching my dad play, it fascinated me with the idea of being a hero and killing different types and styles of monsters and having to keep your life and mana up. I finally plucked up the courage and asked my dad if I could play, even though it was rated a 15 I think I started playing it when I was about 9 or 10. Just thinking now... How long is it taking until Blizzard release Diable 3? Its taking for ever.

Moving onto a different console, Playstaion is one of my favourite consoles to date. I just find it amazing, the first games I got with my bundle that I can remember are; Spyro, Crashbandicoot, Gex and Tecken. I still have all of my Playstation kit and games, refusing to sell any of it...maybe because I still play most of the games. After the Playstation I upgraded and bought a Playstaion 2 and with that the games consisted of Spyro (i have a passion and love for spyro the dragon, even thought the PS2 games were very bad) Crash, Kingdom Hearts (my love for disney), Final Fantasy, Sonic and Rayman.

Online gaming is something I have done, and yes its World Of Warcraft. I don't actually know how long I have been playing 'wow', I have acquired four level 85 characters, and a fair few other lower characters which contain a level 75 druid and a 70 death knight. I actually love the game but for the questing, exploring and the ideas. But recently I have started to lack interest because of the amount of changes and add-ons Blizzard have done to it. They have made the game much easier than the original 'vanilla wow' (first game it started with).

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne coverWoW Box Art1.jpg

The reason behind why I became interested in playing World of Warcraft was before this there was a game called Warcraft. Just like the idea of Age of Empires this contained different races such as night elves and orcs. Looking back at it now, the expansion packs that the original game had are the story line in which the online game has acquired.

I also play Xbox 360 games such as; Call of Duty, Gears of War, Skyrim, Fable and Final Fantasy. I think the Xbox 360 is amazing, the general quality of graphics is amazing as I've just looked back on what I used to play. I'm the sort of person that would try any game out before judging it, even if it has bad reviews or other people have said its not worth the time.
In the future of gaming I hope that there will always be different styles of graphics (finding it hard to explain) and that not everything will look the same. I think there is going to be something amazing, like actually being able to be within the game and becoming your own character. Games have just become more and more amazing, and I don't think there is anything in the way stopping them to keep on being unpredictable and new and fresh.

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