a bit of the 90's to the 2000's...

This is when the giants appeared; Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. But before I get into them, I shall talk about the machines that is what made them the giants.

Playstation! My first console, opening this on Christmas day was magical, I just had to set it up and play on it straight away. I instantly fell in love with a little purple dragon called Spyro. There were three Spyro games for the playstation; Spyro the Dragon, Spryro 2: Ripto's Rage! and Spyro year of the dragon. These are amongst the playstation games I still have today, and yes I do play them still, they bring back childhood memory's and to be honest they are just brilliant. Amongst the other games; Crash Bandicoot, Gex the geko, Teken and many others.
After the playstion, the Psone came out, this was the exact same console but of a smaller size, more slender and in my opinion prettier in a way. 
The playstation 2 was released 2000 (15months after the dreamcast). This is the most successful console in the world, selling over 150million world wide since its release. 

The xbox, this console is a much bulkier and heavier product compared to the playstation. The xbox allowed you to save game content on the system and download content. This was a slight advantage compared to the playstion as you had to use memory cards. The xbox was released in Europe in 2002 and then discontinued in  late 2006. The second console released by Microsoft was the Xbox 360 in 2005. I own an xbox 360 and i find them amazing, they are just different and easy to use. On this console I love the games CoD and Gears of war, playing online is just fun :) the graphics are amazing and I have noticed that they get slightly better with each game that is released. I also enjoy fable and the assassins creed series. I have just started to play Bioshock 2, the eeriness and dark colours and designs for this game are what have distracted me to this game. 
The Nintendo Wii is an interesting console within its self, using the wireless remote as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions. In my opinion I find the Wii to be more related to the younger audience as it seems more friendly and easy to interact with. Alot of the games are family friendly and what to get people involved, for example; Mario Kart and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. 

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