Dave McKean

This guy, I completely adore and admire as an artist. His style is so different and unique. 
The thing that got me hooked to him was a film called Mirrormask based on a story by Neil Gaiman along side Dave McKean make an amazing team. 

In a fantasy world of opposing kingdoms, a 15-year old girl named Helena who works at the family circus with her father and mother, who wishes--quite ironically--that she could run away from the circus and join 'real life'. But such is not to be the case, as she finds herself on a strange journey into the Dark Lands, a fantastic landscape filled with giants, Monkeybirds and dangerous sphinxes. She must find the fabled MirrorMask in order to save the kingdom and get back home.

Through out the film you can see his work in every pixel, the colours the ideas the dark and eeriness of the characters. His style is so child like but it's as if it has a dark side to it. Something that you would find hiding under the bed at night. 
I like the way how bold the line work is and also the scratchy technique. But then he layers up alot of his work with images and colour and helps to blend and creates more from a simple image to an entire world.


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