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Game journalism hasn't exactly been something I have ever take a thought to think about, not really something that floats about my brain of clouds, zombies, gore and unicorns. From what I have read game journalism seems to be a stupidly hard and fast job to even begin with. Having to review games after games after games and not actually having the right amount of time to actually give a full and well thought out review.
Game journalists have been seen as 'corrupt, lazy and fundamentally stupid' well to be entirely honest do you blame them at all? they aren't really that lazy just they seemed to be crammed with constant amount of work. Although this does give a bad impression, it seems that a journalist needs to be able to relate to the game as a gamer so that the audience can get the good and the bad aspect or otherwise it would become biased and unfair depending on what side they have taken.
Without game journalism we wouldn't get the wide variety of knowledge of games that are on release or even games that have been out for a while and they are re-reviewing it, this can help the game get back into popularity or to show people that there are other styles and types of games out there. This is another point about how game journalism helps, it gives the audience a quick over view of something that they might want to try out but are unsure and that extra push or kick. I know for a fact that I have been influenced by game reviews to by games such as assassins creed. It wasn't really something that interested me until I read about it in a games magazine, not just by reading a review helps but also the rating like 10 out of 10 or 4 out of 5 stars. This can give the audience an idea of how amazing the game is but can't this be misleading? Just because a certain game has 9 out of 10 doesn't necessarily mean that its going to 9 out of 10 for the audience, everyone has their own opinion on something and no one is going to have the exact same thought.
Thinking about objective and subjective, can there actually be a subjective and objective view on games? To be honest not really, like I said not every game is going to make every gamer love them, for example not everyone love Call of Duty or even Skyrim, but i'm sure if you said this out loud that Skyrim sucks then you might get a bottle thrown at your head, (I know that is something that could possibly happen in class) but its true not everyone is going to like everything, its not possible.

New Game Journalism...urm what is that?
I have actually only just found out about this as been told to write this blog. New game journalism or NGJ is what I think better, its being told you as the audience what the game is like for the gamer and how it feels to play it, instead of it being statistically being reviewed. It seems so much easier to understand a review when it has been written this way, it reaches out to the audiences better; well in my opinion and for me it is.

Hmmm what sort of person am I? I can say I'm more of a subjective person, I like to speak my mind and just say what I think and not effectively have the influence of others. I've been told to write this blog but its my blog and my own personal space, so I can right it in the way I want to, even if the grammar is slightly bad and doesn't quiet make sense.

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