Amongst a new camera for Christmas, I received two very, well I think amazing books;
The Art of Alice, Madness Returns.

The art and the concepts within this book are beautiful. Every page makes me want to learn more within the game world and become more fluent with my drawings and ideas. The thing is, everything on each page is either weird and wonderful or strange and mind boggerling. Its pretty cool how the story of Alice in Wonderland has been twisted and turned into something of the opposite.

The other book that I got was Spectrum 18; The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. The book is completely filled with different types of artwork, its nice to see alot of traditional work from drawings, to water colour, to oils. I miss that, being able to just pick up a paint tube and splat it across a white page. But back to the book, it seems that every artist has their own style and its unique to them, but it shows feeling and emotions across the work, and aslong as that is there, the work comes alive and the audience can understand it.

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