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 So it's that time of year again, hand in time. Well it was last week anyways and now sometime during this week we have a chat with our lecturers about how they think we are doing and some what.
I really do hate this time of year, I look back and realise I haven't done as much work as I think I have. But does that matter when I have enjoyed myself doing the work I have done :)

So I started a piece of work, self portrait a week or two ago and I wanted to stylize it. (Mortal Engines self portrait) So blocked colours and only using 3 tones for each colour, but as I got to this stage my brother turned round to me and asked if I was doing a study of Lara Croft...* face-palm*

I really had no intention of myself looking very similar to Lara but it is quite flattering when you are feeling down in the dumps.

I really enjoyed doing this piece  just getting sucked into it and painting for a couple of straight hours, kinda of soothing in a stressful way. It still isn't finished but because I am passionate about it, I don't want to rush and wreck it.

On the whole Lara Croft thing, I am really interested in the new game, it visually looks amazing but after viewing some of the game play it does not look anything like the concepts of her. Maybe once I have actually played the game myself my views my change. It is interesting seeing the difference between the concept art work and the game footage and realising the differences and the similarities.

Concept artwork.

Game play footage.

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