Like omg, drowning in green tea...

So assessments have been and gone. wow. what can I say... OH SHIT?

That kinda covers the thoughts, assessment was complete uselessness (is that even a word?)
I literally need to make a butt load of work within this 3 weeks easter period and be like; here you go chris! I am good!

So projects for the Easter;

  • Add and adjust all work from term 1
  • Complete all projects from term 2
I want to be able to show more of my own style and creation in my work but also work along the lines of the brief. Yeah I can do this. Personal timetable has already started and it looks so full on and messy. I love a good challenge. 

(I did not draw this)

Oh I found this artist, I think it is really clever and pretty. Take a look;

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