Creativity and talent, are you real? (Task 22)

Growing up, I have always been told that I was talented. Talented in art that is. My mother is an art teacher, so being brought up in a creative environment probably helped push my creativity. I was always doing things, painting, drawing, sculpting, paper mache and so much more, but I got the chance to do this because my family has a passion for art.

If you haven't got the facilities does this stop you from being creative? I don't think it does. If you have a passion for something then surely nothing would stop you. I love to draw, I draw on anything that I have infront of me weather it is a piece of paper to a tissue, it doesn't really matter.

It is a hard question to answer; is creativity and talent real? They are two separate things in my eyes. Talent is something you as a person have, it's part of you. I feel that creativity is something that anyone can have aslong as they can pursue it. I feel that there isn't any original idea, it just depends if you pursue it or not. That is the creativity. The journey in which getting there and creating your ideas.

Talent; A special natural ability.

Both Talent and creativity come under passion surely? Anybody can learn skills and techniques if they set their mind to it. I remember back in school asking a friend why they couldn't paint. They answered with, they had never had the chance. I literally thought everyone could paint but apparently that isn't true. So I guess that is talent, being able to do something without realising, that it is a certain standard at a certain level. It is alot easier to see talent in a child than it is in an adult because we all have our views on what a child should be able to do depending on their age. If they surpass something for that age then that could be seen as talent. For example, being able to draw a stick person with fingers at age 4 is probably seen as talent. A child being able to understand and see something and putting it down on paper at that age would be amazing, it's something you wouldn't expect. Is this talent though?

I think that both talent and creativity are real, but you just have to push and find them, work and build at them. Sometimes I feel that talent can be seen as laziness. Just because you are talented at something doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Use your talent and push at it more. This is such a hard to question to understand and think about, I don't think there is any right or wrong answer to it.

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