So it's finally come down to it. Through out being a first year there was the whispers and scares of the group project within the second year, well its here.

I approached it with an open mind, knowing that the group were going to be random and you would get the chance to work with people in the class that you probably have never spoken too. Well in my case, that has defiantly happened. Yes of course there was some sort of up-raw where it put our teacher to screw the made list of groups and let everyone choose their own, but no one could actually be bothered to change, apart from a select few.

So keeping to the original group, well its been interesting. We as a group had the choice of the competition of London for Crytek, OR the traditional Queens building horror. We went with the Queens building and are pretty excited about, well that's what I felt from the group.

When it came down to actually generating ideas about what theme or style we all wanted to do for the building, everything came to a hault. We all had ideas but they weren't very strongly pushed. Everybody came to the agreement to do my idea of an asylum. We started to research about abandoned buildings and what an asylum really is. So moodboards! We don't actually have a team leader but someone has taken it upon themselves to be it. After finally deciding on the theme we then explored the queens building and made a route that we could use, for the player to walk through in game. I found it very complicated as after we walked it through it seemed harder to visualise where the person was going without being there. (more images are needed through out this project)

I feel that there should be a constant making of concept art within the early weeks of the project. A couple of weeks have gone by and I think the group is struggling but that is just my opinion. I have a fair few ideas to bring up in the next meeting but I am very conscious about being to out spoken. Meetings are so useful! But not enough is said with the time we are there. Maybe I am being too over the top and I'm worried and stressed about the end result even though its not in sight yet. (STRESS!)

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