Creative story

Ok so this set project I really enjoyed, it was so much fun to do and silly. Chris said some random words (15 I think) and we had to write down any words that came to our mind when he said a word. Any word or things we thought of we had to put down even if it was unrelated. So by the end of all the writing we had a piece of paper full of words. For example; Trees; green, autumn, stick, branch, leaves, seeds. With each word we then had to create a sentence with the words we wrote down. Once you had sentences the task was to then create a nonsense story and illustrate it, even if it didn't make sense.
So here is my weird and silly story...

 The Stone giants walk.

The stone giant left footprints in the mountain snow with his big cracked feet.

He walked to the snow park, to watch the mermaids tease the pond sharks as Peter Pan made Captain Hook walk the plank.

 As he watched, the children laughed and smiled as their bouncy castle shaped presents flew into the sunshine by balloons.

As the day grew colder and darker the stone giant walked along the sand to watch his friends the elephant and turtle as they played together.

The elephant then placed a feather and a letter in an envelope for the bird to carry up into the wind and the sky.

The bird flew through the starry night sky, whilst Neptune the God fired shooting stars at the aliens in space.

I hate the way the scanner makes my watercolours look all weird and wrong :( it is so much better in person. Anyway I really enjoyed this project and it felt like a let loose sort of exercise.

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