The new year.

So it has been a while since I last posted on blogger, it's so annoying because I told myself I would blog more often as I love blogging, it's great!

So three weeks have past of the new term and I feel like I have done barely any work at all! There have been disruptions due to bad weather and the fact I have to drive in and my car seems to slide into my driveway hedge, but all is ok on that front. I'm feeling the flow of life drawing. I just love it! being free with the lines and markings I make on the paper and the fact that my teacher loves my pen work :) (I should do alot more of this). I scanned one of my pictures in just to mess about with it in photoshop;


Photoshop without lines

Original sketch (30 second time limit)
Without any photo reference I have had to guess the colours, but I did use some of Lucian Freud's work to get some of the right colours for skin. I wanted to expand and make it more abstract? I am missing the fine art element that I used to do and trying to bring it back. 

Over the weekend I went to the local gallery and found some inspiration. Two artists caught my eye; Jennifer Collier and Zoe Hillyard. Two very different styled artists but are both sculptures. 

Their websites;

When I first saw Zoe's work I didn't quite realise how amazing it is. Without making it sound boring she finds old pots and smashes them up and then stitches print fabrics into each broken piece and then re-assembles the pot. This makes it look completely different and into her own work. 
I don't quite know if she actually makes the pots herself and screen-prints the silk herself too, if she does then there is so much time and passion in each peice of artwork she makes. They really are quite interesting to look at. 

Jennifer Collier makes everything out of paper. From shoes to full sized sewing machines. I found this artist not as interesting but I like the way she uses certain styles and bits of paper in all her works. 

I find the objects more fascinating than the garments due to how unique each one is. It must be so fiddly to cut out each piece perfectly and then re-assemble it all to make the final outcome. 

Note to self; experience more galleries, there is so much inspiration out there.

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