Ok so today I had Game Production and we are continuing to model a ford transit van. They are so boring, I don't know how my lecturer can stand looking at 40 odd vans. But, ok I'm going to slightly rant here, we haven't had any tutorials on how to even go about making it, it would be nice to see how she would make a quick mock up of it. Anyway, I'm finding it ok, decided to go with strip modelling instead of a box modelling. Might take slightly longer but I am finding it a better way to model. 

Visual Design and we have moved onto life drawing, something I have missed and what to do, and its inside (yay!). Last week we learnt blind drawing, something I have done before and I find it really useful, its so much more free and easy to work with instead of intense drawing. Only slight problem, I need to work faster in everything, and just be more open to ideas and concepts, I'm too OCD and I think it shows in my work, I hate it. 
Yeah self portraits without looking at the paper and a time limit of 1 minute. Its fun and relaxing and you get the basic shapes, will be good to paint over and manipulate later. 

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