This year has flown by...

Well it's the end of my second year and I can tell you with confidence I have struggled. Not with just the work load but with life in general. It really has thrown everything at me.
I feel like this post is going to rather open so you can understand maybe some of the difficulties I have encountered this academic year.

So the year started horrible. A week before everyone was due back at uni my life flashed before my eyes. Not really the encouragement you need when going back but it did. I commute to university unlike most people who live there and the week before I go back, my poor little car dies. Well actually it fell apart on my way to the station as I was taking my boyfriend to university. Driving down a country road at 60 mph my car makes a loud 'clunk' sound from under me and the next thing I am doing is pulling my car into the curb from the on coming traffic. So stuck in the rain for 3 hours waiting for the pick up truck. My car that is meant to take me to and from University decides to rust to pieces, in a result of this the entire bearing/ball and joint socket on the passenger side rips apart. My car now only has 3 wheels. Everything was simply going wrong before I had even started. So no car.

After having to buy a new car, uni had started and I had an extra person in the car. My sister is now at the same University. At first I thought it would be fine but I was wrong. The stress of taking someone back and forth and the responsibility was not something I wanted or needed during my second year. Everything just got over the top and I fell behind in my university work. As I fell behind I had to ask for extensions of several of my Game production projects. This was awful as unfortunately you get capped at 40% :( I am really worried that this has completed buggered up my chance of getting a decent grade for me.

Through out this year I have fallen behind and I have taken for granted time. I have learnt that there is time aslong as you don't fall behind, keep your head down and just push yourself. You will not always get a second chance at things. You are paying for the degree so do the work!

This year has been very challenging for me for various reasons. One of these reasons was the group project after Christmas. Looking forward to it from the start, it isn't always what it is cracked up to be, depending on the people you are grouped with. You need to make sure you have a strong team leader and a structure to follow. None of this happened for my group and the end result was upsetting and very stressful, something I would never wish on a upcoming second year student. All of these emotions just knock you out and kill your motivation. I have learnt the hard way that people are out for themselves and do not care about the other aslong as they make themselves look good above the rest.

I have also learnt that time in essential when at university. Time management has never been a strong point for me and in all honesty, I have none. I have learnt that setting out plans and stages for work, actually works and help me. Seeing it down on paper and working out what I need to do to accomplish a final piece helps alot, yes that means lots on lists for me, but if it works for me then fine :)

I am not satisfied with what I have accomplished this year as I feel like my work produce is very weak and that I have struggled. This also gives me the concern and that I have not passed enough to reach the final year. It is something that has been on my mind for the past 2 months and I have attempted to pulled and push my work up to hopefully a standard that is acceptable. Fingers crossed.

Not all is negative though, I really have enjoyed this year with the various projects and work. I am alot more relaxed and confident with my 3D modelling and engine work. Also I am very pleased with my visual design, especially with life drawing and understanding the anatomy. Overall everything has improved and I can see the result.

Now that the pressure of getting work done and completed I feel I have nothing to do and it feels damn weird. I need things to do, so I have decided that I am going to aim to do some miniature projects over the summer and keep practicing with 3DS max. (Unlike last year)

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