Life changing or career building?

It is simply a question that has been repeatably asked through out the educational world; what skills should we teach our students?

Well now being at university the way we are taught is completely different. Back in the first years of school, we were taught everything we need to know from basic maths and how to read and write. But as you get older, learning changes. In secondary school, my school basically spoon fed us what we needed to do to get the marks in order to pass a class. At university that is not at all the case.

On this course I am grateful for the way I have been taught. I am glad that I have struggled with things, if I didn't struggle then I wouldn't have the need to look up my difficulties in order to solve them. I learn my own way. If there is something I need to achieve and that I don't know how to do it, I do not go running to my teacher and complain that I haven't been taught this. I go out and find it out myself. You are learning all the time, but I suppose that university is the first step in teaching you that you don't get given everything that you ask for. Just stop being lazy and do it yourself! it is a big world out there and there is going to be things you need to know.

Within this course you get taught the basics but other than that you need to find it out for yourself. We need to learn the software and be able to adapt in it when it changes. We need to keep up to date. (I'm finding this really hard to explain) In some cases it means, playing around with a software and getting things wrong but how else will you learn? I have learn't alot of things via the internet as I can't ask someone to help.

I have learnt skills in which I can expand upon and with out this I wouldn't be able to be where I am today.

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