Hey, well i'm...

My name is Evelyn Birch but I find it easier if people call me Evie. I have just started a BA in Game Art at DMU.
Games have always been apart of my life, from a very young age I was always glued to a computer. I have grown up not just around computer games but also role playing games, I think it was my dads fault for this.
Art has also been there, my mother is a art teacher. Being dragged round every possible gallery when I was young has in a way paid off. To be honest I wish I actually paid attention and listened and looked at what I was being shown instead of moaning. Its great that I have the opportunity to combine the two interest I have and love.
Before where I am now I studied a two year National Diploma in Art and Design. I really enjoyed this course as I was able to experiment and explore with different techniques and skills. A year into this course I realised that it was to broad and open, I needed to specify and think about what I really wanted to do in the future.
After a visit to an open day, a UCAS fair and an interview, I'm exactly where I want to be. My passion for games is about to be stretched and explored, I cant wait to be able to understand what hard work, annoyance and amazement of what is that creates a game. 

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