The few weeks so far...

During the first week I learnt how to draw 1 point perspective, we went down to the canal and sketched what we could see, using our knowledge so far to understand the horizon line and vanishing points. It seemed easy to draw along the canal as it was quite obvious where the vanishing points were.
Within Game Production we were asked to create a Dalek on 3ds max. I have never used this program before and i did find it difficult. But sitting at the computer for 3days i managed to complete it and figure most things out for myself, im so proud :)
The second and third weeks are starting to fly by, carrying on with 1 point perspective we change our locations and drew something slightly different; An old archway. I thought that the scene was very pretty for what it was, cobbled street with a battered arch. there wasn't really a visible vanishing point, so we had to figure it out. My final drawing took me a while, but I did have to use photographic reference during the end as i was running out of time and i wanted to add more detail.
Photo looks bad and its slanted :/
Game production is starting to panic me just a little, texturing im starting to understand but it still make me freak, i dont like learning a new software, I wish i just had the knowledge already.

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