Quite frankly I need to set myself some targets for the up coming year. (hopefully I am in the 2nd year, just a bit of panic there.) It's never too late to set yourself anything even if it is mid April. I Didn't realise how lazy I actually am and also very unorganised. Yes I am picking faults with myself, so targets are needed;

  • Laziness; It's not an option. Keep busy and push through things, add the extra piece of work. Not because it will maybe get you that little bit of an extra mark but because you WANT too. You are working towards something you really want to do and are passionate about...So pull your socks up!
  • Time Management; Well that is something that no one is good at. Do the work when it is set, not the day before, it stresses me out beyond what a stress ball can handle. It's really not worth it and your work just seems crap when it is rushed and not thought about.
  • Enjoy; Enjoy the work you are set, it's meant to be fun! It's something you enjoy but when it is something that you should be doing it does feel abit tedious, but make it enjoyable and think outside the box. There are no right and wrong answers...are there?

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